Hogan's Alley - Active Alert Counter slow refresh

In Hogan's Alley there is a new Alert icon, which links to the Inbox, which displays a counter on active events. This promises to be a very useful feature.

However, when you click "dismiss" on an event, it takes up to 5 minutes to reduce the count. This is inconsistent with other UI elements - for example there is never more than ~15 second latency with seeing updates to responses, comments, etc.

I have no doubt if this goes live, there is going to be a lot of confusion because users will expect an immediate count reduction. For me, when I discovered this I was going back and forth in my inbox to find the one message that hadn't been dismissed - but not able to find it. It's a similar frustration as having an email client or a phone showing an "unread" count in your inbox when in fact you have read all the messages.

As a short-term fix for 3/3, I'd actually favor removing the count entirely, if it can't be more responsive.


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