xM Agent breaks writeFile() function

I'm running into a weird problem here. We have a server which has the xM Agent on it. It's got a bunch of Node Scripts which ping the API and generate reports. 

Once those reports are complete, it saves them as CSV files to a LAN folder, which exists outside of the server.

Problem is, when I run the scripts locally from the server (log into server remotely and manually execute from cmd line), it runs without issue and even saves to the LAN folder in question.

If I do the same exact thing, except this time execute the script via a Shell script from Flow, it will not save to the LAN folder. At first I thought maybe it wasn't being called at all, so I changed the destination to be local to the server, ran it again and it was in fact working. It was generating the report and saving it locally on the server if executed via xMatters but will not do it when the destination is the LAN folder.

Any ideas on what could be causing this? I don't even really know where to begin on debugging it as I am not much of a network guy so even an idea of where to begin looking could be helpful. 



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