Question about Xmatters Flows w/ SNOW Integration


I've been exploring the ServiceNow & xMatters integration and wanted to know if the below scenario is possible (dealing with just incidents).

My understanding is that the xMatters Plugin in ServiceNow uses the hardcoded URI for the inbound HTTP trigger in xMatters to initiate the corresponding Flow, that flow is tied to a Form (which handles the messages and responses).

ServiceNow Incident BR -> Flow HTTP Trigger -> Form

The Scenario: When an incident gets created, based on the company and priority of the incident, a different group gets notified and how they get notified.

Company A - P1 only - phone call - Group A
Company A - Everything else - SMS/Email - Group AA
Company B - P1 to P3 - Phone/SMS/Email - Group B
Company C - SMS only - Group C

Is this possible? The inbound package will always stay the same, it's just the data will be different and will determine what happens next.



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