How to add an xMatters shout destination on mainframe table

We used the instructions on github https://github.com/xmatters/xm-labs-control-m-9 to install and set up xMatters to integrate with Control-M.  Using the instructions in section 5.1, I successfully added an xMatters destination on a distributed shout destination table. We figured out how to access the mainframe destination tables via the Control-M EM. However, I cannot find any documentation on how to add xMatters to a mainframe table. When I try to add xMatters to the table, Server is not an option for Address. There is only Group and Nick. The options for Destination are SNMPDEST, MAILDEST, IOADEST.

I cannot find any documentation on how to add an xMatters destination to a mainframe shout destination table.  Any ideas?


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