ServiceNow Major incident management

Hi All,
I have been supplied a requirement to build in Xmatters\SN for group managers to receive an alert when a p1 is created that has a major incident state of proposed. The ServiceDesk manager that is on call should be able to accept the Major incident or reject it. 
Accept will change the major incident state to accepted and reject should change  the incident from a P1 to a P2 in ServiceNow.
I have been referred to this link which I have implemented but its not changing anything. 

I am very fresh to Xmatters and am not really sure where to start. Trying to find any type of doco that gives clear direction is not easy :( I have spent way to long digging through documentation to be no closer to a result.

Can anyone help with guidance or links to docos that will help me through the event management and the alert triggers


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