Incidents and events

I'm working on a new workflow and I'm trying to work out where to add the "Initiate Incident" step.

The "xMatters Create Event" step has a field "Incident ID" and the help text says:

"Adding the Incident ID connects the event to an incident, letting you update the event as the connected incident progresses (for example, you can terminate all related events when the incident is resolved)."

So, that would seem to suggest that the "Initiate Incident" step should come *before* the "Create Event" step, so that you can tie the Incident ID from one step to the next.

But then the "Initiate Incident" step also has an Incident ID field, and the help text there says:

"This can be used to look up whether an event with a matching incident ID already exists"

which actually prompts the question "How can I see if there are any existing incidents that are related to this event?"

There doesn't seem to be an incident-equivalent of the "Get Events" step.



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