Reports - Add custom fields in reports over 60 days old

1) What is the business purpose or requirement that drives this request?

Events in xMatters contain text that is subject to audits. Periodically specific events need to be examined, and the request for evidence often does not occur for six months or longer from the date.

2) What's the impact of the issue?

This impacts our organization’s ability to generate compliance evidence with multiple regulations from FERC, WECC, as well as other organizations that we work with that are subject to the same regulations.

3) What part of the product does this relate to?

The All Events report does not contain the custom properties we need (chiefly “text of message”).

The Recent Reports does contain the properties, but only from the past 30 or 60 (archive) days.

We ask the either the All Events report be enhanced to contain custom properties, or the Recent Reports archive checkbox be changed from recalling the 30-60 days prior period to a much larger date range (at least 6 months).

4) Does this involve an integration?

No, this relates the reports section of the web UI.


Thank you for consideration.



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