Adhoc event support with existing groups

Hi there,

Apologies in advance if I do not use the right xMatters terminology, I'm new to the product.

Looking for options for improving a process locally in my organisation, and would be great to hear from the experts here!

We have 60+ xMatters groups setup with rotas that provide the standard BAU & out-of-hours support, however periodically we have a required to set up virtual ops events. These events are essentially a collection of all groups being represented without an incident, bringing in 1 person from each group for a defined period of time for eyes on glass monitoring.

The issue we have is that these volunteers are not the first people on the on-call rota. So at the moment, we are having to manually collect information about the contacts supporting the event so we no who to expect or who to call if they are running late etc.

I was looking for an option that would allow us to somehow tag contacts within their existing group and report on the details, and putting the ownership on to the group manager to provide/update with a way internally in the product or through a report to extract the details we need.

Hope that makes sense, thank you all in advance

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