SumoLogic and xMatters integration

I wanted to share this with xM support but also make sure that any other uses who might run into this know what we found. After setting up our SumoLogic integration and following the steps listed here: https://help.xmatters.com/integrations/logmgmt/sumologic.htm

We found that there may have been an update or something changed. We added the payload as described:
"SearchName": "$SearchName",
"SearchDescription": "$SearchDescription",
"SearchQuery": "$SearchQuery",
"SearchQueryUrl": "$SearchQueryUrl",
"TimeRange": "$TimeRange",
"FireTime": "$FireTime",
"AggregateResultsJson": "$AggregateResultsJson",
"RawResultsJson": "$RawResultsJson",
"NumRawResults": "$NumRawResults"

It seems like something might have been updated but SomoLogic saw that as an incorrect payload. After some investigation we discovered that it needed to look like this:

"SearchName": "{{SearchName}}",
"SearchDescription": "{{SearchDescription}}",
"SearchQuery": "{{SearchQuery}}",
"SearchQueryUrl": "{{SearchQueryUrl}}",
"TimeRange": "{{TimeRange}}",
"FireTime": "{{FireTime}}",
"AggregateResultsJson": "{{AggregateResultsJson}}",
"RawResultsJson": "{{RawResultsJson}}",
"NumRawResults": "{{NumRawResults}}"

So we just thought we would share this here for others to find, as well as to ask if the documentation could get updated on the xM side.

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