Send different messages based on event trigger

We are using xMatters for on-call notification triggered by email or by form via the xMatters app.  I would like to include the name of the initiator of a message or event in the body of the message so the user being notified knows who is contacting him/her.  If the initiator is an xmatters user, i want to use the sender.  If the initiator is a non-xmatters user who initiated the notification by email, I want to use the email address of the person who sent the email.  I have built the workflow for email trigger, and found info on how to capture the email address of the requestor.  However, I cannot find a way to add conditional logic to the message to send either the sender name OR the email address in the notification message depending on how the event was triggered.

A. If event is triggered via email, then the message should contain the email address of the person who sent the email to xmatters (I have this one working)


B. If event is triggered by an xmatters user using the xmatters app, the message should contain the name of the sending user.

I have not found a way to create alternate versions of a message to allow me to include one field or the other.  

I need to add that I am overriding the Sender field with the "name" of our on-call service so cannot rely upon that field in the xmatters app notification to identify the sending user.

The reason I cannot simply create a message that includes both the sender and the email address field is that when an event is triggered by email the sender field is the user who's account is in the Authenticating user field, and not the actual requester.

Thanks for any help or ideas!


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