How to stop escalating when i hit the 99,999 wait

Your admin workshop video on shift scheduling talks about how to implement a rotating on-call schedule with a "blocking wait" of 99,999 at the end of your escalation path.  Let's assume I have a primary on-call and 2 levels of escalation.  When the primary on-call replies with a negative response I want to escalate immediately and not wait before the first escalation is contacted.  I want the same behavior when the secondary replies with a negative response - immediately contact the 3rd person on-call.  If the 3rd person on call responds with a negative response I want the workflow to end and not escalate over the 99,999 wait.  Is there any way to implement this?  By the time the third person responds my original requestor is engaging other resources to assist with the original problem and an escalation to another team member who is not on call provides no value and stresses out team members who thought they had a break in their schedule.  I really want the ability to NOT waste time waiting for escalations when someone is unable to respond, and still to place a hard block/end point to my escalation workflow.  How can I do this?

Thank you.

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