Adding a newline to xMatter messages

I am using Splunk to send alerts to xMatters. This is facilitated through an API.

In splunk, when setting up the Xmatters trigger action I can provide the Alert API Key, Alert Severity & Alert Summary. 

The alert summary is what I am using to provide details of the alert, and this is what populates the event description in Xmatters.

I would like to be able to format the message from Splunk to include a newline character in the event description in Xmatters however everything I have tried has been unsuccessful and I can't see anything online or in the faqs that address this.  

I have tried adding \n into the Splunk Alert Summary however this just removes the \ in xMatters and keeps the n. Is there a way to add a line break/new line into the Xmatters event description?


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