Control-M Integration - Retrieve the Job Output via Email - Formatted badly

When retrieving a Control-M job's output via email, the emailed output is formatted like this (as an example):

File "C:\\\PROGRA~1\\\ArcGIS\\\Pro\\\bin\\\Python\\\envs\\\arcgispro-py3\\\Lib\\\esriL\\\sql\\\__init__.py", line 298, in <module>

The output in Control-M looks like this:

File "C:\\PROGRA~1\\ArcGIS\\Pro\\bin\\Python\\envs\\arcgispro-py3\\Lib\\esriL\\sql\\__init__.py", line 298, in <module>

It looks better than that because it's using font Courier New.  The emailed output looks like it's using Arial.

Is there a way to improve the xMatters emailed output so it's easier to read?


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