xMatters Teams Integration broken in last week?

Had anybody noticed that the the xMatters bot is now asking for users to log in when they open the bot?  I know that xMatters can now send a message to a person with a Teams device (I've used it, it's nice!) but it seems to have broken the "system" login that allows users to simply look up who's on call.  When they go into xMatters, they are now presented with a log in request.  When they try to login, they get a system denied, then an option to login in at the bottom of the screen.  If they click login, SAML logs them in, and the normal xMatters window appears.   If the user closes this out, and tries again, they are presented with the "Allow xMatters to access your Teams" prompt.   

Some users can click allow, some cannot.  I assume this is based on the role they have in xMatters.  

However, what happned to the "system login" that was setup when we first installed the bot.  I logged in with the generic account that we created in xMatters when we first set this up.   


Is anybody else having this issue?  Thought I'd check here before opening a standard support case. 

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