How does xMatters handle individual user and device settings when notifying a device directly?

A user or their device may be the recipient of a notification directly or via their membership in a group. How do the personal device delay settings assigned by its owner affect these notifications? How does xMatters determine when to apply the settings and when to ignore them?

When a user is notified as a targeted recipient (via their membership in a group), all of their preferred scheduling and device settings are considered when xMatters determines how to notify them. If a device is targeted directly as a recipient, the user's settings are ignored. This provides managers and supervisors a way to bypass a user's settings and preferences. Consider the following examples:

Directly targeting a User

An event is sent to the Operations group, which includes Bob Smith as a member. When a notification for the event is sent to Bob Smith, xMatters checks Bob's preferred device order, temporary replacement settings, device delays, and holiday schedule to determine to which of Bob's Devices it should sent the notification.

Directly targeting a Device

An event enters the system that matches the "Network Outages" subscription requirements. Mary McBride has set up a self-managed subscription for Network Outages, and assigned her email address (mmcbride|work-email) as a subscription recipient. xMatters immediately sends the subscription notification directly to Mary's work email, ignoring any of Mary's other device settings and preferences.

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  • Thank you, Don. New information for xMaterrs 5.1.1, that when Device directly in the Group, then in the Subscribe for groups(Alerts->Assign Alerts) do not work filtering devices. Maybe best solution notice that in the interface or help menu or add filtering functionality for Devices in the group in the future versions.