Using the Support-Zip Tool to Troubleshoot Integrations

Effective troubleshooting of xMatters integrations generally requires the following information:

  • the integration agent logs
  • the integration agent configuration files
  • the integration script files.

If this information is not provided when investigation begins, troubleshooting is likely to be delayed and/or inefficient.

The Support-Zip tool captures this information and saves it as a timestamped archive in the integration agent's log folder.  The archive can then be attached to a support ticket to reduce delays and increase the efficiency of troubleshooting.

Using Support-Zip

When you encounter an error, use the following steps to create a troubleshooting archive.

To use the support-zip tool:

1. Configure the integration agent for debug logging:

A. Open <IAHOME>\conf\log4j.xml with a text editor

B. Near the end of the file, replace

<!-- All Integration Services -->
<logger name="">
<level value="INFO"/>


<!-- All Integration Services -->
<logger name="">
<level value="DEBUG"/>

C. Save and close the file

2. Reproduce the error condition and note the time.

3. Open a command prompt and navigate to the <IAHome>\tools folder.

4. Run the command support-zip.bat (or ./ on Linux).

5. Reverse the changes you made in step 1.

6. Use the resulting support archive for troubleshooting.

Sample Output

C:\xMatters\integrationagent-5.0.6\tools> support-zip.bat

Creating an archive of support materials for the xMatters Integration Agent...

  adding: conf/ (208 bytes security) (stored 0%)


  adding: log/IntegrationAgent.txt (124 bytes security) (deflated 87%)

The archive can be found at <IAHOME>\log\


AIX Operating Systems

Unfortunately the support-zip tool does not currently work with the AIX operating system.  Please use the AIX "tar" and "gzip" commands to generate archives of the required folders.

For example, to create an archive of the integrationservices files on an AIX server:

cd /opt/xmatters/integrationagent-5.1.0

tar -cvf integrationservices.tar integrationservices/*

gzip integrationservices.tar

Repeat these instructions for the following folders:

  • <IAHOME>/conf
  • <IAHOME>/log
  • <IAHOME>/integrationservices
  • <IAHome>/lib/integrationservices/javascript

xMatters Reference JDN-4359 Originally created by Jeremy Brown

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