Why can't I view contacts on my iPhone/Android mobile app?

To verify that you should be able to view the contact information of another user in the xMatters iPhone and Android apps, log on to the xMatters web user interface and ensure the following conditions are met:

  • You have permission to view the other user
    You can view any users you supervise, or that your role has permission to view.
  • You have permission to view device information
    If you can view your own device details in the xMatters web user interface, then you should be able to view contact information such as email addresses and phone numbers in the xMatters mobile apps.


If you do not have permission to view another user in xMatters, you cannot view their contact information in the xMatters mobile apps. Most users in xMatters will have the default "Standard User" role, which does not have permission to view other users and therefore cannot view contacts in the mobile apps.


If you would like to add the ability to view contact information to a user or role, you can take one of the following actions:

  • Make the user a supervisor of the user they want to view.
  • Assign a role to the user that allows them to view other users.
  • Customize existing roles in your company to allow them to view other users. Note that permissions must include viewing the Users menu and viewing the Groups menu. Contact Customer Support to help you customize roles if needed.
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