How to renotify uploaded users to set their password

"I used User Upload to onboard new users, but some of the password links in the email expired. How do I resend the notifications with refreshed password links?"

Option #1: Resend the notification to all of the uploaded users

If many of the onboarded users failed to set their password before the link expired, you can re-send the notification using the original upload job. If you do this, you'll be notifying everyone again - even those users that did set a password - so you may want to adjust the instructions of your original notification message.

  1. On the Admin tab, under Configuration, click User Upload (in the Admin tab, under Configuration), and then click the name of the original upload job.
  2. You'll be taken to Step 3. Process of the User Upload Wizard. Click Continue.
  3. In Step 4. Notify you can modify the text of the original notification to indicate that those users who have already created their xMatters password can ignore this message, and that those who have not done so have x days to complete this task.

Note: The password link expires after three days; depending on the urgency, you may want to inform users they have only one or two days to complete the task.

  1. Click Send Message and the notification will be sent to all users that were part of the original upload job.

Option #2: Use the Forgot Password? link on the Sign In page

If you only have a few users that haven't set their password, you can ask those users to reset their password using the "Forgot Password?" link on the xMatters Sign In page:

Clicking this link will prompt users for their xMatters Username, and send reset instructions to their email or SMS devices, as specified in the User Upload job. This will include a token string that they can type into xMatters, which will deliver them to the new password page.
xMatters internal reference: DTN-4192
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