How to search the Events report for specific token values

"How can I search the Reports page for Events that contain a particular text from a token value?"

The information within an event or message can go by many names: some management systems inject "tokens" or "attributes", while others (including our own communication plan forms) use the word "properties" to refer to event details. Longer-term and Premises users might remember that event domains called them "predicates".

Whatever term happens to be preferred, the actual make-up is almost always the same - or, at least, can be expressed in a common manner. Each token (or predicate, or property) comprises a name and a value (which is why yet more people may know them as "name/value pairs" or even "token/value pairs"). For example, an incident management system event might have the following details:

Name or Token Value
Incident ID INC0001
Issue Network Outage
Incident Priority Major

You can use this basic structure when searching for events in xMatters; for example, you might want to view only those events where the Incident Priority (token) was Major (value).

To search the Events Report for specific tokens, or properties:

  1. On the Reports tab, click Search to open the search bar and type the name of the token in a New Search. As you begin typing, a drop-down list will display properties and suggestions matching your text:

  1. Click the name of the token to select it.
  • The report automatically refreshes, and displays only those events that include the selected token. 
  • In the the pop-up search field that appears, type the name or value you want to search and press Enter:
    The report will now be populated with only the events matching the particular token value:

    You can export your search results to an .xls spreadsheet file by clicking Options> Export.


    xMatters internal reference: DTN-4556

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