Integrations not receiving responses from xMatters

Some integrators have encountered an issue with their integrations not getting responses back from xMatters events.

This is often accompanied by an error message similar to the following (from a ServiceNow integration):

Bob Smith - Mobile Phone - Message: Exception received from Service-now: java.lang.Exception: Unable to complete the [own] request. sys_id = null returned from the xm_xmatters_incident

This issue is usually caused by the integrated application blocking (or not including in the appropriate allow list) the IP or IP ranges that xMatters is using to send the responses.

The steps required to add the xMatters IP ranges to an integration vary widely, depending on the application or software that you are using. Sticking with ServiceNow as an example, this is how you would add the IP ranges for your integration:

  1. Log in to ServiceNow.
  2. Navigate to System Security > IP Address Access Control.
  3. Click New to create a new rule.
  4. Name the rule xMatters Allow, and select the Allow type.
  5. Enter the IP ranges provided by xMatters Support. 
  • You will need to create a new rule for each range.
  • Save the rule.
  • For a list of the IP ranges required for your area/integration, see xMatters IP ranges.





    xMatters internal reference: DTN-4762

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