McAfee antivirus can block the Integration Agent

If you're trying to run McAfee antivirus software and the xMatters Integration Agent on the same computer, you may experience issues starting the Integration Agent.

The problem is that, by default, the Integration Agent and McAfee both use port 8081. To solve this issue, you can configure the Integration Agent to communicate with xMatters using a different port.

To reconfigure the port used by the Integration Agent:

1. Edit the <IAHOME>/Conf/IAConfig.xml file

Open the IAConfig.xml file for the Integration Agent in a text editor and find the following line:

<service-gateway ssl="false" host="localhost" port="8081"/>

Change the line to read:

<service-gateway ssl="false" host="localhost" port="8281"/>

2. Reconfigure the access control list (ACL) hostname in xMatters

For On-Premise versions of xMatters, the Integration ACL can be accessed from the Permissions menu on the Admin tab when logged in to the user interface as a super administrator.

On-Demand clients do not have access to the Integration ACL, and must put in a request with support to reconfigure the hostname.

3. Reconfigure any existing endpoints in your external applications

The final step is to make sure the management system or external application injects events into xMatters on the new port.

The exact process for reconfiguring the endpoint depends on the external application. The following image illustrates where the hostname would be changed in BCM Remedy:

In this case, the "8081" value for the localhost in the endpoint would be changed to "8281" to match the new port assigned to the Integration Agent.


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