Touch-screen issues in Google Chrome

Some users have reported a curious issue when attempting to 'drill-down' into a report on a touch-screen laptop running the Google Chrome web browser. 

Issue details

When a user hovers over a link, such as the Response totals on the Tracking report, the cursor will change to a pointing hand, but tapping the screen will not activate the link.


This issue is actually due to the way Google Chrome handles touch events, and can be resolved by updating your browser settings:

  1. Open Chrome and navigate to the following URL:
  • In the list of settings, locate Enable touch events.
    1. Change the value to Enabled.
    2. Click Relaunch Now to apply the changes.



    You should now be able to interact with all of the different links and features within the xMatters user interface using your touch screen.



    xMatters internal reference: DTN-5027

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