DELIVERY_FAILURE 810 error messages and what to do about them

In some cases, you might encounter an error message in the xMatters log files similar to the following:

DELIVERY_FAILURE; [810] Failed message delivery.

The log files don't indicate the particular cause or nature of the error, and DELIVERY_FAILURE is not limited enough to help with troubleshooting. This article outlines three common causes of the error message and provides suggestions for resolving it.

Problem #1: Message length

This message may indicate a problem with delivery of a message due to the length of the notification. Certain handset providers restrict the deliver of messages with more than 120 characters. To test whether this is the case, try to send a validation message to the handset using the Validate Device feature.

Problem #2: Delivery is temporarily not possible

If the device has worked in the past, the message may undeliverable due to roaming or reattempt settings configured by the handset provider. Something as simple as driving through a tunnel may, in some cases, be enough to cause the message deliver to fail. 

Try waiting until the device is in a known-good state and then send a message to it using the Validate Device feature. If the validation message is delivered properly, then the failed message may have been due to roaming or reception issues.

Problem #3: Phone number not entered correctly

Some providers have systems in place to autocorrect errors in phone numbers while others do not. When entering the phone number into xMatters on the Device Details page, check to make sure you have:

  • NOT included leading zeroes
  • NOT included spaces, brackets, or other special characters


xMatters internal reference: DTN-5032


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