Adding proxy support to REST-based integrations

Integration Agent versions 5.1.5 and higher are compatible with proxy servers (with the exception of NTLM v.2 proxies).  This means that the Integration Agent can send APXML messages to xMatters via a proxy server, once the correct parameters have been set in the Integration Agent's configuration file.

However, the Integration Agent will not use the proxy parameters when sending REST requests to xMatters. To add this capability, modify the integration's main javascript file as follows:

  1. Use a text editor to open the javascript file (e.g., <IAHOME>\integrationservices\applications\sample-relevance-engine\sample-relevance-engine.js).
  2. Locate the line of code that reads:


  1. Append the following code:
function apia_webservice_init()
    var proxyHost = "";
    var proxyPort = "";
    var proxyUsername = null;
    var proxyPassword = null;
    var proxyNtlmDomain = null;

    if (proxyHost != "" )
        ServiceAPI.getLogger().info("apia_webservice_init() configuring proxyHost: " + proxyHost + ", proxyPort: " + proxyPort + ", proxyUsername: " + proxyUsername + ", proxyPassword: " + proxyPassword + ", and proxyNtlmDomain: " + proxyNtlmDomain);
        XMIO.http.setCredentials("", "");
        XMIO.http.setProxy(proxyHost, proxyPort, proxyUsername, proxyPassword, proxyNtlmDomain);
  1. Populate the proxyHost and proxyPort variables with the address and port for your proxy server.
  1. Save the file and restart the Integration Agent.



xMatters reference: DTN-5202 Originally by Jeremy Brown

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  • Integration Agent 5.1.8 is going to be able to read proxy settings from IAConfig.xml and apply them automatically.

  • When is 5.1.8 due to be released?

  • Any day now! No, seriously - might even be tomorrow.