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Integrate your user, device and group data with our xMatters EPIC (Export Plus Import Controller) synchronization utility. EPIC supports extracting information from your employee record systems and synchronizing it with xMatters. 

EPIC Client versions

As of version 5.5.264, the CloudSync feature is no longer available in the EPIC client. It was intended only for premises deployments and is no longer required. 

Versions 5.5.77 and lower of the EPIC client are not supported and will not connect to xMatters. 

For more information, refer to the following articles, or contact xMatters Support:

To upgrade your EPIC client, download and configure it according to the directions in the EPIC documentation.

Note: Edit the new configuration files instead of copying the old configuration files from your previous installation, because the new configuration files may contain additional properties or different version information.

Java requirement

As of version 5.5.292, a minimum version of Java 17 is required.

The EPIC client supports Eclipse Temurin OpenJDK version 17 (previously distributed as AdoptOpenJDK). 

Note: Versions of the EPIC client prior to 5.5.273 are not compatible with OpenJDK. If you are running an older version of the EPIC client and want to use OpenJDK, you must upgrade the EPIC client. For more information about upgrading your EPIC client, see Upgrading the EPIC client from a previous version. 

Operating Systems

The EPIC client has been tested using the Oracle JVM with different Windows, OSX, and Linux environments. 


The EPIC documentation is available online.

Download Resources:



 EPIC Client - 5.5.294

 Supports Eclipse Temurin OpenJDK (version 17) and Java 17

 Download (115 MB)

 MD5: b087a8cad5a0aa6a3e0d77eb9474a72c



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  • Regarding this article by Oracle, will this impact the current version of EPIC (which is MD5 signed) and if so will there be new EPIC versions made available before the date specified?

  • Hi Javier!  Let me look into this and get back to you.

  • Hi Javier!  I've confirmed that the EPIC client will not be impacted by the changes to the Oracle JRE in regards to MD5.  The jars used by the EPIC client are not signed using MD5, only the download .zip file uses MD5. 


  • Added version which includes a hotfix for an issue that was preventing the client from working properly on some Windows machines.