Product Enhancements - Post Submission

As a faithful xMatters user, you’ve come up with an idea so fantastic, it will revolutionize the xMatters product in ways not yet imagined. Or perhaps, you’ve thought of a cool tweak that would make your work, and the work of other users just a little bit easier.  You’ve submitted the enhancement idea to us, but then what?

What happens to enhancement requests once they’re submitted?

After a request is received, it’s reviewed by a team of xPerts. If we understand and like your idea, it’s "accepted". However, accepted product enhancements aren’t immediately added into the product. Sorry about that, but here's why:

  • All accepted product enhancements are added to a "backlog". Think of the backlog as the waiting area of your local department of motor vehicles; everyone's going to be hanging around until their number is called.
  • We plan major product updates, called releases, 6 – 9 months in advance. As we plan our releases, we review the backlog to look for themes based on what's happening in the market, customer interest, and innovation. 
  • For each theme, we create a "roadmap" and add backlog items to it.
  • Sometimes a great request fits a theme we already have planned.  We then look at how much work is required to implement an accepted product enhancement. If all the stars align, the enhancement request is added to the "release".
  • Sometimes a great idea doesn't fit one of our upcoming themes, or requires a lot of work to implement, and it has to wait.

When an accepted request makes it into the product, it most likely won't have the name you gave it in the feature request. The release documentation summarizes the new features and functionality, but doesn't call out specific product enhancement requests.

For a more in-depth look at how we deploy releases, check out xMatters Deployment & Early Access

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