Using SAML for Single Sign-On (SSO) in xMatters

This article provides an overview of the available resources that can help you configure Single Sign-On (SSO) for xMatters using SAML. Single Sign-On allows users to log on to xMatters by authenticating with a 3rd-party service instead of typing their user name and password directly into xMatters.

This overview is intended for power users who are configuring xMatters to use an organization's existing SSO service. It describes where to find documentation about xMatters SAML requirements and provides links to resources on the internet that can help you learn more about configuring SAML. (It goes without saying, but we don't control the content of external links, so traverse the big wild internet at your own risk.)


SAML Overview

Not sure where to start? Take a look at these resources to get up to speed on SAML.


Configuring SAML for xMatters

The xMatters online help contains everything you need to know about working with your Identity Provider (IdP) and setting up SAML in xMatters.

  • For information about supported SAML settings, including IdP-initiation, encryption, and where to find xMatters metadata and assertion claim URLs, see xMatters SAML requirements.
  • To learn more about the information that is required from your IdP, including the identity provider ID, audience, single sign-on URL, certificates, and user identification, see Identity Provider SAML settings.
  • If you’re an administrator who wants to learn how to configure SAML in the xMatters UI or how to enable native login for power users, see Configure SAML in xMatters.


Troubleshooting SAML

There are many tools that can help you troubleshoot your SAML configuration. These tools allow you to decode encoded SAML responses, verify the XML structure of responses, and inspect response headers.  We’re not going to try to explain all this magic ourselves, but we wanted to point you to some great content on the web that can help you get started: 



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