Integration Agent for xMatters

Integration Agent support notice:

The Integration Agent is still supported for existing customers, but we strongly discourage new installations. We recommend that new or upgrading customers use the xMatters Agent instead. 

While the Integration Agent is still supported, the codebase is no longer being updated or maintained. This means that new vulnerabilities or issues discovered with included libraries will not be addressed for existing installations, and there will be no further improvements made to the Integration Agent itself; version 5.4.0 will be the final release. Customers concerned with potential vulnerabilities or other issues are encouraged to migrate their installations to the xMatters Agent.


The following information is provided as a reference for existing customers only.


(Looking for a shortcut to complete installation instructions, including guidance on how to configure your xMatters instance? We got you covered: Get up and running with the Integration Agent)

Integration Agent 5.4.0 Release Notes

In addition to all of the updates available in the previous release (version 5.3.0), this release of the Integration Agent includes the following change:

  • Upgraded libraries to address a variety of issues, including enhanced security.
  • Changes to the Log4j configuration (such as enabling DEBUG logging) require a restart of the Integration Agent (after saving the log4j.xml file).

This is a final, cumulative release of the xMatters Integration Agent, incorporating all updates and patches for previous versions of the Integration Agent. For information on the changes in version 5.2.2, see xMatters Integration Agent 5.2.2 Release Notes.

Integration Agent 5.4.0 Downloads

Use this version of the Integration Agent if you are creating integrations using the workflow design tools.

Integration Agent Documentation

Online Integration Agent Guide

Advanced Guide (download PDF)

Integration Agent Utilities 1.2.9

Download (115 KB)

Integration Agent 5.4.0 - Windows

Download (52 MB)

Integration Agent 5.4.0 - Linux (32bit)

Download (52 MB)

Integration Agent 5.4.0 - Linux (64bit)

Download (52 MB)

Integration Agent 5.4.0 - HP/UX Itanium

Download (52 MB)

Integration Agent 5.4.0 - Solaris

Contact Customer Support

Integration Agent 5.4.0 - AIX

Contact Customer Support

Note: The Integration Agent does not require a license key. To register the Integration Agent, follow these instructions to unpack the archive file and copy the integration agent to the management system. You can then run the command to start the Integration Agent and configure the communication with your xMatters deployment. 

Older Integration Agent Downloads

Use this version of the Integration Agent for HP/UX PARISC

Integration Agent 5.1.1 - HP/UX PARISC 

Download (106 MB)

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  • Just wondering when we will have support for integration agent with Service Desk 14.1? Anyone else upgrading Service Desk to 14.1 and waiting for this?

  • Updated the Integration Agent Utils package to 1.2.9 (includes additional bug fixes)

  • Updated to version 5.2, added links to new and improved documentation.

  • Version 5.2.1 is now available

  • Version 5.3.0 is now available.

  • Version 5.4.0 is now available.