Multi-line text properties

The 'multi-line' setting for a text property controls whether multi-line formatting is enabled for that property on a message form. This setting is enabled by default for new text properties. If the multi-line setting is turned off for a property, then its value will display as a continuous string of text.

For example, here's how the same default text would appear on a message form for a text property using multi-line formatting, and a property where this setting is not enabled:

A message sender can edit the default text provided for either property. The multi-line text property allows the sender to add line breaks to their text, while the text property with multi-line turned off forces the text to be entered into a single-line field.

In the resulting message, the multi-line formatting of the first property is preserved, while the text of the second property is displayed as a continuous string:

You can adjust the multi-line setting for a text property on a form-by-form basis after creating the text property. This setting is controlled at the form-level because a single property can be used on multiple forms in a workflow and you may want different formatting on separate forms.

To change the 'Multi-Line' setting for a text property:

  1. Add the text property to your form's layout.
  2. On the form's Layout tab, click Settings (the gear icon) for the property, and select or clear the Multi-Line option.
  3. Click Save Changes.


xMatters reference: DOC-5760

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