Mobile app troubleshooting for administrators

Are users in your organization experiencing difficulty installing the xMatters mobile on their Android or iOS devices? This article provides some helpful tips for company administrators to resolve or avoid known issues that may be encountered when installing the xMatters mobile apps.

Is the xMatters app not installing on a user's phone, even though they're using the correct user credentials and URL to register?

  • The xMatters mobile app will not install on iOS or Android devices if a user's password is expired, or if it's in a state where it needs to be reset (i.e., if there was a 'forced password expiry', or password reset issued).
  • Check that your users do not have expired or 'pending passwords'. Reset passwords as necessary in the web user interface and then install the mobile app.

Are you planning to bypass your company's SAML/SSO setup on mobile app devices?

  • Check that your users have the function 'Allow Native Login for SAML' assigned to one of their roles.

Do SAML/SOO constraints prevent you from logging in directly to check if users' credentials have expired, or to initiate a password reset as required by your company's password policy?

  • Ensure that you have the 'Allow Native Login for SAML' function assigned to one of your roles, and use the bypass URL to log in directly. (If you don't know your bypass URL, call xMatters support.)
  • Sometimes your company web proxy may prevent you from using the bypass URL. In this case, you may need to sign in to the bypass URL outside of your company's LAN.

Additional tips:

  • If you're upgrading the mobile app, ensure that the device is connected on a data plan instead of WiFi during the app installation and registration phase.
  • It's always best to do a clean installation of the app (i.e., delete the app before you reinstall it), but if you're upgrading the app, it's good practice on most operating systems to restart your device before you download the latest version of the mobile app.
  • Verify that the URL is correct.
  • Verify users have valid and current xMatters credentials and are allowed to sign into the mobile app and web user interface (check their assigned roles, their user ID, and password).


Contact technical support

If you're still experiencing issues installing the xMatters mobile app, contact technical support by calling our support line directly or by opening a ticket through our support portal. We'll be happy to assist you further and are always looking for feedback to improve our product.




xMatters reference: DOC-5806


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