Testing and validating multiple devices at once

xMatters includes a device validation feature that lets users (or their supervisors) send a test message to their devices to make sure they are configured correctly and that each device can receive notifications. 

In some cases, however, you might want to test a group of devices at the same time - for example, after uploading a batch of new users and devices using a data synchronization tool or integration. You could always open each user's profile individually and click Send Test Message for each of their devices, but there's a better way.

xMatters On-Demand will automatically mark any untested device as "Tested" if it receives a response to a notification from that device. To do bulk device validation, you can send a simple communication plan message with a response option to all of the devices you want to test. 

For example, when a user replies 'Confirm' to the following message on their untested devices, those devices will be marked as tested in xMatters:

Tip: Select a user's devices as recipients for the message, not the user themselves. This will bypass any timeframes or device escalations the user may have set, and make sure they're responding on the devices you're trying to validate.

How can I find out which devices are untested?

User supervisors can search for users with untested devices using the search filters on the Users page. They can then export a .csv file which includes detailed information about the user's devices, including whether they are tested or untested.

For more information about searching for users with untested devices, see Search user status with filters.




xMatters internal reference: DOC-5903


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