Generic email notification template

This article includes a generic email notification template that you can use to when you want to quickly create a message that includes logos and styling. Use this as a starting point for your email notifications when you don't want to create a message from scratch using the built-in email message editor. 


To get started, copy the email message template HTML shown below into the Email / App message editor and then customize it for your workflow.  (If you'd like to take a look at a workflow that uses this template, import the workflow attached to this article.)

Copy the template into the email message editor:

  • Open your workflow and form and open the Email / App message editor. 
  • Click Code View to view the message content in source view.
  • Copy the code snippet at the end of this article and paste it into the source view.
  • Click Code View again to view the formatted message.

Customize the email message content to include form properties and your company's logo:

  • Directly edit text, including the introduction and the table row titles.
  • Drag properties into the table cells to display form data.
  • Replace the View more information link with a link to more information about the incident or delete this row from the table.
  • Replace the placeholder image at the bottom of the message with your company's logo. This image is automatically sized to a width of 200 pixels.
  • To add more rows to the table, copy and paste an existing row of the table. This preserves the inline styles that are applied to each table row.  It is easiest to copy and paste table rows in the HTML source view.
  • Don't forget to give your message a subject, and to test it on a variety of email readers before you send it to a wide audience.

Email message template HTML


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