Easily Add the xMatters Mobile App as a Device

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The Ghost Quarterly Release provides the ability for users to easily add the xMatters mobile app to their list of devices in the xMatters web user interface. And, we're excited to announce that the xMatters iOS and Android apps have been updated to support scanning of a QR code to allow users to easily log in to their accounts without having to enter a hostname or user credentials.

Let's look at how simple it is to get rolling with the mobile app:

1. Add a “Mobile App” device

In the xMatters web user interface, on your profile screen, click the Devices tab. From the Add Device dropdown, select the new Mobile App option, which displays the Log in with the Mobile App screen shown in Step 2.


2. Install the xMatters mobile app

If you don’t already have the xMatters app installed on your mobile device, you can search for "xMatters" in the app store, or click Send yourself a link from the Log in with the Mobile app screen. To send yourself a link, enter your email address and xMatters will send you an email with links to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Open the email message on your mobile device and tap on the appropriate link - if you're using an:

  • iOS device such as an iPhone, use the Apple App Store link.
  • Android device, use the Google Play Store link.


3. Scan QR Code

Once you've installed the xMatters app, open it on your device. On the log in screen you will see a 'Log in with QR Code' button. Tap this button and then point your device's camera at the QR code displayed in the xMatters web user interface. If the QR code has expired, simply click the expired QR code to generate a new one.


4. Finish setting up your device.

After successfully scanning the QR code, the mobile app may require additional steps to complete the process of adding the mobile device to your account.


Ensure you accept to receive push notifications so that you don’t miss any xMatters notifications. You may also need to pick a device name so that xMatters knows which device to send notifications to:


5. All Done!

Once the above steps are complete, the mobile app is added to your account and it will be ready to use. The xMatters web user interface will display the final success screen, from which you can click the See your devices to view the mobile app in your list of devices.


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  • Version 2.16.0 on Google Pixel 3 running Android 9.  Not seeing SMS or xMatters app as a device to add.  Just voice and email.

  • Shawn,

    How are you trying to add the device?

    If you are using a free instance you will not have SMS device available, this device type costs money.

    If you are trying to add the device from your mobile app after logging into your instance you will not be able to add a mobile app as logging in will have added it for you.

    You should already see the xMatters Phone app listed on your mobile device before you click the + in the lower right corner.

  • Actually, it is company-paid app.  Attached is a cropped screen shot (so as not to show my personal info).  No SMS and no app option.

  • Hi Shawn!  You won't see the "Mobile App" option when adding a new device because you are already in the xMatters mobile app.  If you look at your list of devices on the My Devices screen, you will see your app already added.  The instructions in the article above refer to adding the Mobile App device using the xMatters Web application.

    As for not seeing the SMS device option, there could be a couple of reasons. One of which Desmond mentioned, which is that you are currently using the Free version of xMatters.  It could also be that SMS devices are not configured for your company, in which case you would have to contact your administrator of the xMatters account.

    If you need further help, I recommend creating a support ticket. More info here: https://support.xmatters.com/hc/en-us/articles/201536189

  • Just to draw this out a little more explicitly: xMatters can be configured to have as many devices as you want of each type, but it requires that the system be configured with a pre-defined name to store them. Specifically there has to be a "Device Name" defined within the "Device Type", which is done in the Admin->Device Types screen (which might not be available to you, but should be available to an administrator of your system).

    As an example, the email "Device Type" is usually configured with 2 Device Names: "Home Email" and "Work Email". That allows you to have up to 2 emails in the xMatters system. If you want to allow users to have 3 emails, an admin needs to go in and define a new Device Name, like "Other Email".

    I can't tell if the issue reported here is that your Android device isn't in there at all, or if you have one device already in there, and need to add another one. If the latter, have your admin add another device name for it. I currently have my environment setup with "Android Phone", "Android Phone 2", "Android Tablet" and "Android Tablet 2" so a user could configure up to 4 Android devices.

  • Thanks for the quick and thorough explanation!  I am a user at a large company and just installed the app.  I failed to "give my device a name."  So that is done and it seems we didn't subscribe to the SMS texting.  I thought I was missing out on something but it appears I have everything I am supposed to.  Thanks again (great product!).