ServiceNow integration (version 5.7)

The instructions and workflow for this integration have moved to the online help.

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  • Just an FYI

    In ServiceNow, when you're on the xMatters configuration page, you need to be sure to not include any trailing '/' after the URL of your xMatters instance. 

    So your xMatters Hostname value should look like


    NOT like

    The integration doesn't check for a trailing slash in this input, so if you include it you'll see errors in the xMatters log in ServiceNow showing 404's and an endpoint value with two slashes after your hostname.

  • Updated the integration to version 4.1.

  • I've added a new section explaining the recent changes to the default shift name in xMatters. For more information about this issue, see the knowledge base article here:

  • Updated the integration to version 4.2

  • Updated version 4.2 communication plan

  • Updated the instructions for installing or upgrading the xMatters app for ServiceNow.

  • Updated the integration to version 5.0.

  • we had an issue seems like as we have this running we found some issues where one of the business rules is effecting core functionality

    'xMatters User Role Sync' this BR seems to run and not associate any child roles. example if itil role has few child roles. when adding this role to user, system only adds itil role 


    Solution from servicenow is to update the order of this BR to 101 or higher than 100. Please let us know if this is going to be fixed in a new patch

  • Hi Jay, that sounds like an interesting issue - can you file a support request (click Submit a Request at the top of the support site) so we can dig into this?

  • Thanks have submitted a request

  • Hi Jay,

    As per our discussion via the support ticket, this issue is present in your environment as you're using version 4.0.2 of the integration. The issue was resolved in version 4.1.1. We are now on version 5.0. Furthermore, another workaround to this issue is to use the Role Management V2 plugin in ServiceNow.

  • Updated the integration to version 5.1.

  • Updated to add diagrams to show what's happening behind the scenes.

  • Updated for version 5.2 of the xMatters application. See what's new in this version.

  • Updated to mention that we're certified for the Madrid release of ServiceNow.

  • Updated to add information on using the ServiceNow steps in Flow Designer.

  • Updated for version 5.3 of the xMatters application. See what's new in this version.

  • Updated the default endpoint setting in the attached communication plan and the endpoint instructions to reflect changes introduced with the new ServiceNow endpoint type in xMatters.

  • We are getting below error and integration is not working as expected:

    [1564571439761 | xMLog-b46634ec-f06634ec]:
    xMattersPersonCollection: syncUsers: TypeError: Cannot find default value for object.
    * fileName: sys_script_include.c8a205cb7b02f1008e0b707d784d4dbc.script
    * sourceName: sys_script_include.c8a205cb7b02f1008e0b707d784d4dbc.script
    * lineNumber: 131
    * stack: at sys_script_include.c8a205cb7b02f1008e0b707d784d4dbc.script:131 (anonymous)
    at sys_script_include.6188cd114f4312008472a88ca310c7dd.script:297 (anonymous)
    at sys_script_include.c359c8794f2822008472a88ca310c7e7.script:133 (anonymous)
    at sys_script_include.cce36eb10f5d5380723148dce1050e2c.script:149 (anonymous)
    at sys_script_include.cce36eb10f5d5380723148dce1050e2c.script:72 (anonymous)
    at sysevent_script_action.a5b62d710fd95380723148dce1050e8a.script:11
    at <refname>:1

    * rhinoException: TypeError: Cannot find default value for object. (sys_script_include.c8a205cb7b02f1008e0b707d784d4dbc.script; line 131)

    Any help on this will be appreciated..





  • Hey Ganesh. 

       Can you copy line 131 and the few surrounding lines here? Line 131 in my system is a debug statement that shouldn't throw an error like that. 

    Some other questions that will help us narrow this down:

    1. What do you do to trigger this error? 
    2. Have you made any changes to the script includes or is this out of box?
    3. Can you show the system log entries for when this error happens? There should be some messages leading up to this stacktrace. 

    Happy Wednesday!

  • Updated the instructions for installing the xMatters app for ServiceNow

  • Updated for integration version 5.4 - and certification for ServiceNow New York. See what's new in this update.

  • Updated for integration version 5.5 - and certified for ServiceNow Orlando. See what's new in this update.

  • Will the workflow be updated to use the HTTP Triggers and other Event triggers in Flow Designer? 

  • Hey Christian,

       Updating the integration to use the flow designer goodness is on the roadmap, but might be a while. Is there something in particular you are looking to do with the ServiceNow integration and flow designer? If so, now's a good time to get that up to PM so they can build it into the design. 

    In the meantime, you can still use flow designer with the existing integration. One popular flow is to use the responses trigger. When you first open the canvas, there is a warning label indicating the trigger is deprecated:


    But you can then drag the new responses trigger onto the canvas, without having to change the underlying scripts. Like so:


    You can then hook up all your new logic and tools and they will be executed in addition to the existing response trigger. The activity stream breaks them down slightly differently, but they both run. 


    In any case, we will be getting this integration updated, but no firm dates on when. 

    Happy Friday!



  • We're implementing ServiceNow integration (version 5.5) for the first time as a new ServiceNow customer. Instead of using the Data Sync, we're importing the existing xMatters groups into ServiceNow Group [sys_user_group] table (without group members). Out of box, ServiceNow's assignment group is mapped to xMatters group, so xMatters notification is triggered and working as expected.

    Next step, we'll introduce a new group on ServiceNow incident form (e.g. xMatters oncall group).

    How do we configure the xMatters integration to map this new xMatters oncall group to the imported xMatters group? In other words, what do we need to change for the payload to use the new group over the defaulted assignment group?

    Thanks, Minh