Deleting a subscription owner's account


While trying to delete a user from the system, an error message tells me that the user owns subscriptions. How can I delete a user who owns subscriptions?


Before you can delete a user who owns subscriptions, you need to remove the subscriptions or reassign them to a different user.

  1. Log in as an Administrator, or as a user whose Roles provide the “Manage Subscriptions" permission.
  2. Click your username at the top-right of the UI and select Subscriptions from the drop-down list.
  3. On the Subscriptions page, expand the Subscribed drop-down list and select Managed.

  4. Search for the user in the Owner list, or click the magnifying glass to open the Search field.
  5. Delete any subscriptions the user owns.
  6. When all subscriptions are gone, you can safely delete the user.





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  • This doesn't work for several reasons:

    Step 2) - you cannot delete all roles from a user

    Step 4) - there is no 'Managed' drop down in the subscription page for any kind of super/admin user


    What's the issue with not being able to remove users with subscriptions? Just delete the subs with the account.

  • Hi David,

    What's the issue with not being able to remove users with subscriptions? Just delete the subs with the account.

    We have some overly aggressive protection in there to prevent users from deleting subscriptions that might be shared with other users. We have a defined enhancement to back this logic down to allow the deletion of users with subscriptions as long as all of the subscriptions are self-managed. The work is waiting scheduling, but has a summary of: "A company or user supervisor would like to delete any users that are owners of self-managed subscriptions exclusively so they do not have to manually, and separately, remove related user subscriptions before they delete the user." Would that meet your needs?

    I am not sure what the Step 2 issue is, but Step 4 sounds like a permissions issue that we'll need to Support to help solve. Do you have a ticket opened?

  • Step 2) Refers to Step 2) in the first post:

    2. Locate the user you’re trying to delete and remove all roles from their profile.

    --- "remove all roles from their profile" - you cannot do this on any user 


  • Roger that... I phrased it poorly. I meant to say "I don't know why there is an issue with Step 2."

  • Ah - I see :) I think it's because you cannot save an account with no roles associated with it.  I will be putting a low priority ticket to determine why I don't have access to the 'manage' option in the drop down field in the subs page.  Thanks for your help and I really appreciate the prompt responses.

  • I can confirm what David said about step 2, if I try to remove all the roles from a user's profile it will not let me save it and instead displays the message "Specify at least one role".

  • I ran a few quick tests, and could not come up with any reason why you might need to remove the user's roles beforehand. So I've taken that step out of the instructions as unnecessary.

  • Thanks Don!