Upgrading ServiceNow integrations originally installed via update sets

If you're updating an older version of the ServiceNow integration that was originally installed using an update set, there's an extra step you need to take to continue to add Engage with xMatters records into ServiceNow. This step involves changing the starting number of the Engage with xMatters counter, which gets reset during the upgrade.

If you don't edit the starting number, the integration may try to insert new Engage with xMatters records into the x_xma_xmatters_engage_with_xmatters table using numbers already in use.

This issue only applies to integrations installed using an update set. It does not impact newer installations installed from the ServiceNow store.

How to reset the starting number

  1. In your ServiceNow instance, select Engage with xMatters Records from the left navigation panel.
  2. Find the largest number in the list of records, which should have a prefix of XM, and make note of that number. In this example, the largest number is 1002:
  3. Select Number Maintenance from the left navigation panel.
  4. Find the XM row and click it.
  5. Click Show Counter at the bottom.
  6. Enter the number from the Engage with xMatters Record table in step 2 and click Update.

Once you complete these steps, you should be able to insert new Engage with xMatters records into ServiceNow.

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