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Is it possible to create mobile-only users in xMatters?


All versions of xMatters On-Demand


Some of our customers prefer to contact their users exclusively using push messages on the xMatters mobile app. Whether they have internal policies or just agree with us that our mobile apps are the absolute best way to stay connected, they don't want their users to be able to add other device types to their accounts.

As part of the Galaga Release, we added a new Mobile-Only Standard User role to xMatters that companies can assign to their users. Users with this role can do things like view their schedule, maintain their profile, create subscriptions, and send messages, but they're not able to add any other device types to their account other than the xMatters mobile app.

Users assigned this role must use the login with host name workflow to add the xMatters app to their account. They won't be able to log in with a QR code, as they're unable to sign into the web user interface.

For more information about assigning this role to your users, contact xMatters Support.


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