Valid country values for the EPIC upload utility


Where do I find the list of valid countries that the EPIC upload tool is able to use?


All versions of xMatters On-Demand


Valid field values for EPIC are documented here:

If you notice, there are separate country values for Fax, Voice, Mobile Voice and Voice IVR. This can be misleading as it all pulls from the same Countries list in the xMatters web user interface. If you are trying to add a phone number to xMatters and EPIC complains about the country not being found then here is what you can do:

  1. The full list of countries is available in the user interface under Admin > Location > Countries. Strip off all country information from the PHONE_NUMBER field and include the country you’re targeting in the COUNTRY field of the ds_text_phone_devices.csv, ds_voice_devices.csv and ds_voice_ivr_devices.csv file. The web user interface should be the source of truth for this data.
  2. For common countries like ones that would use +1 as the country code you can select any country that uses that country code (USA, Canada, Mexico, etc.) and you should get the same result.  If you want to be specific, the area code will tell you what country the number is in.

Per a customer observation - South Korea has been referred to as Korea, Republic of when in fact it should be listed as South Korea (just as it is listed in the xMatters web user interface) which reinforces what was discussed above. There may be other countries now or in the future that this happens to, always verify in the web user interface for the country name convention being used.


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