How to install and configure Integration Agent


I have an integration that says I need the Integration Agent installed and configured. How do I do that?


All versions of xMatters


Below is a checklist of steps to get things started. You can find detailed information for each of these steps in the online help.

  1. Download the Integration Agent, making sure to choose the version for your operating system.
  2. Unzip the folder on the server where application you want to integrate with xMatters resides.
  3. Download and extract the archive to the same folder that was created for Integration Agent, and allow the extracted lib and integrationservices folders to merge with the ones already present.
  4. Create a Web Service User.
  5. Configure the IAConfig.xml file in the Integration Agent /conf folder.
  6. Contact xMatters Support to have us add your Agent ID to the ACL list of your instance.
  7. Start the agent and verify its heartbeat.

The online help gives an overview of how to set up a sample integration to make sure the agent is able to process something basic. You should be able to add any integration requiring Integration Agent to this base install by following the instructions provided with that integration.


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