Creating a group of users to re-notify based on predefined criteria


After sending an event, we notice we want to notify a subset of those users depending on criteria like notifications failed to reach certain users, users that responded with x need further instructions, etc...

How do I do that?


All versions of xMatters


The tracking report makes it easy to add users to a group based on their response choice or the notification delivery status.

For example, you can create a new group for all users that responded “I can help”, and target them with a new event that provides instructions on how to help. Another example of how to use this feature would be to create a new group for users who have not yet responded to a notification and send them another notification with a higher priority.

To add the users displayed in the tracking drill-through report to a group:

  1. Drill-down on the tracking report or report card to view the users with a specific response choice or delivery status.
  2. Click on the response choice or delivery status you're interested in to display the User Delivery page.
  3. Click Add to Group.
    • To add users to a new group, click New Group, type the name and description of the group, and click Create Group.
    • To add users to an existing group, click Existing Group, search for the group, and then click Add to Group.

xMatters adds the users that are currently displayed in the User Delivery page to the group. If you created a new group, the users are added to the default shift.

You can now target this group with a new notification.

See the online help for more information on the Tracking report, including the User Delivery tab.

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