Removing "No Scenario" from the available scenario list


When I look at my available scenarios for a form, I get an option for "No Scenario". How do I remove this from the list list of options?


All versions of xMatters


Form sender or scenario initiator permissions are granted on a per form, or per scenario basis. You're seeing the "No Scenario" option because you have sender permissions for the main form.

Remove a user's sender permissions for a form

To remove the "No Scenario" option for a user, you must remove them from the list of users or roles that have sender permissions to the form:

  1. On the Workflows tab, click the name of the workflow.
  2. For the form you want to edit sender permissions for, click the deployment drop-down menu (to the left of the Edit menu) and select Sender Permissions.
  3. Remove the user from the list of senders by clicking the "X" next to their name.
    • If you don't see the user listed, they may be granted sender permissions based on one of their roles.

Grant a user permission to initiate a scenario message

If you'd like a user to be able to send a scenario, you can grant them initiator permissions to individual scenarios:

  1. For the form you want to edit scenario permissions for, click Edit > Scenarios.
  2. Find the scenario you want to grant permissions for and click Permissions.
  3. Add the user to the list of scenario initiators and click Save Changes.
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