Microsoft Teams - Unable to connect to xMatters server during configuration - System Access Error


When configuring the Microsoft Teams integration, on step 8 the xMatters hostname is  entered but no connection is established. 

An error appears when the host name is entered as


All versions of xMatters On-Demand, Microsoft Teams bot integration


Your xMatters environment may have been set up with a different hostname, such as or Make sure you're using the hostname for your xMatters instance.

For SAML-enabled environments:

When using Single Sign-On with xMatters, log into xMatters using SSO before you start configuring the integration. This bypasses the xMatters login screen and takes you directly to the Allow Access screen. Note: you still have to click Sign in to complete the connection in the background.


DNS may not resolve the "friendly" hostname during the connection process. The original/alternate hostname should bypass this problem.

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