How to create responses that can connect you to a conference bridge


How do you enable a "join" option to a conference bridge when sending a notification from xMatters?


All versions of xMatters


Once you have added a conference bridge section to the layout of your form, you can configure voice messages to connect recipients to the conference bridge when they press a number on their keypad. When the layout of a form contains a conference bridge section, each response option displays a phone icon next to the response digit. If the phone icon is selected, then pressing the response digit connects the user to the conference bridge. At lease one response option is required to allow phone users to connect to the conference.

  1. On the Workflows tab, select the workflow that contains the form you want to configure.
  2. On the Forms tab, click Edit > Layout beside the form you want to configure.
  3. Check that the form contains a Conference Bridge section. If it doesn't, add and configure the conference bridge section. See the online help for information on configuring form layouts.
  4. Next click the Responses tab. If the form doesn't already include the response you want users to use to join the conference bridge, create a new response.
  5. Click the phone icon beside the response option that should connect the recipient to the conference bridge (click it again to remove the option to connect to the bridge with that response).
    • You can set multiple response options to connect to the conference bridge.

When you configure responses to allow phone users to connect to the bridge, these options also appear in email, text, or SMS versions of the message. The user is only connected to the conference bridge when they select the numbered responses from a voice phone notification. If they select the responses in an email, text, or SMS message, these are only used to confirm which users are connecting to the bridge, or to escalate the notification to another user.

See the online help for more information on creating conference bridges.


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