Different message content: comparing voice to email to SMS


Some devices seem to give more information in the message than others, why is this different?


All versions of xMatters On-Demand


In the form's Layout tab you have several options to configure:

  • Email / Fax / Push (which is all HTML-based)
  • SMS (text messages)
  • Voice (phone calls)

The reason why you have separate configurations for each of these device categories is because things like hyperlinks don't translate well in a voice message and SMS has character restrictions, requiring a shorter version of the message.

As a form designer, you need to understand the requirements for the message and make sure it comes across as effectively as possible across these 3 mediums. For SMS you may want to provide a link to get more information or direct the user as to where to find it while in the HTML version of the message you can outline much more detail. This would be seen in email, the browser Inbox, and push messages. The voice message should also be shorter as a listener would not want to hear all the details, not have the option to write anything down and have to remember a very long complex message. Keep it short and provide the vital information needed to respond appropriately.

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