Calling users in China


Are there any special considerations to be aware of when placing voice calls to China?


If you are currently, or planning to, make voice calls to Chinese numbers, there are things you need to know, mostly due to recent regulation changes.

If your calls have an average duration of over three minutes and you are interested in sending traffic to China, your use-case must be qualified to meet the following guidelines:

  1. No calls allowed with a duration shorter than 3 minutes.
  2. No unsolicited marketing calls.
  3. No high volume of repeated calls with the same origination (From) number within a rolling hour.
  4. No calls allowed from invalid, modified, spoofed, or restricted origination (From) numbers.
  5. Calls must be sent from an international, non-China number when making calls to China.

Failure to observe these guidelines can lead to sudden failures when trying to call previously working numbers. The carriers can and likely will flag the calls as fraudulent and while it's possible to petition the block, it's often difficult to do and far easier to prevent it to begin with.


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