The Initiate by Email trigger does not create an xMatters event


I'm trying to set up a flow triggered by an email, but when I send the trigger email nothing is happening. Why is this?


All versions of xMatters


There are a few reasons this might be happening:

  1. The email domain you're using might not be correctly reflecting your company's "friendly" hostname in the Email trigger settings, double-check the hostname of the email address you are sending the trigger to is correct (it shouldn't have 'hosted', or a region code, for example:
  2. If you are sending an email trigger using an email device that isn't in your xMatters instance, and the authentication method is set to "Send from an xMatters email device", the trigger will not work. In the settings, ensure "Send from any email" is selected in the Authentication Method.
  3. The trigger step may not be enabled. In the Email trigger settings, check the trigger is switched to Enabled.
  4. If your form does not have a property, the trigger step might not work. Ensure that at least one property exists in your form:

Adding a property to a form

  1. In the Layout tab of the form, click the + next to the Properties menu, and select the property you want to create.
  2. Once you have configured the property, click Save changes.
  3. Add the new property to the form by dragging it into the Custom Section of the layout.
  4. Click Save Changes.

For more information about flow triggers, click here.


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