Where to find group, user, and notification data for custom reports


I want to create some custom reports. Where can I find the group, user, event, and notification data in xMatters?


All versions of xMatters


If you have the right permissions, you can find the below reports in the xMatters web UI:

Each report will give you specific information about the system and users, with a few limitations. For example, the groups export will include a complete list of members for each group, but it won't contain the group supervisors or dynamic teams.

Key fields (like event ID, targetname, and userid), are found in most of the reports, and can act as a bridge table if you need to merge record sets together to generate custom reports. The xMatters API can also be used to retrieve historic data out of the system, but should only be used if the data you need isn't provided by one of the reports listed above.

We are continuously expanding our reporting abilities and encourage feedback from our community So if there's something else you'd like to see in the reports, let us know!

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