Customizing and managing voice recordings for messages and conference bridges


Can I customize the voice recordings that xMatters uses when sending a message or conference bridge?


All versions of xMatters


Yes, administrators can personalize the voice messages that xMatters sends by adding custom recordings, which will override the existing recording. To review the current voice recordings, navigate to the Workflows tab, select Phone Recordings, and click Manage Recordings.

The following sections can be customized independently:

Generic Messages
"This is xMatters calling for ______. Please press any digit to hear the message.".

xMatters Conference Bridges
"You are receiving a conference bridge request, please press any digit to hear the message."

Note: If you use your own conference bridges, the verbiage will be managed by your conference
provider and cannot be changed in xMatters.



For more details on how to add, remove, or review voice recordings, click here.

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