Checking temporary absences that happened in the past


When looking into someone's user profile it only seems to show Scheduled Temporary Absences and not ones that have passed. How do I check on ones that happened prior?


All versions of xMatters On-Demand


In order to see a Temporary Absence that occurred for a given shift on a given date, you would have to look at the historical on-call report which generates a CSV of data for past group shifts. If the shift is still active but the temporary absence is done, you can try clicking on the Group's Calendar and click on the shift for relevant details.


  1. Click on the groups link in the user's profile or go to the Groups menu and click Groups
  2. Click on the group name that the user would have had a shift for in the past
  3. From the Calendar view you can go to the current shift and inspect any absences declared there.


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