Customizing workflows and advanced configuration options

The Problem

I want to customize a workflow in xMatters, but the features I'd like to amend aren't available.


All versions of xMatters 

The Cause

You may be trying to edit one of our built-in workflow templates, which are pre-configured with default settings.

There are two types of templates that you can use:

  • Built-in workflows can be installed directly and have a streamlined configuration process.
  • Custom workflows are available for download, along with detailed configuration and setup instructions.

If you select a built-in workflow and need to customize it, some options will not be available. (Aslo, only users with the Developer role in xMatters can create or edit workflows - check to make sure it's not just a permission issue.)


If you need to modify a built-in workflow, you'll need to convert the template to a custom workflow. Converting a built-in workflow to a custom workflow is permanent. But, once converted, your custom workflow will still function exactly as the previous built-in workflow.

Converting built-in workflows to custom workflows

  1. On the workflow's details page, click the Settings icon and select Convert to Custom Workflow.

  2. On the warning dialog window that appears, click Convert to Custom Workflow

You can find more information on creating and managing your workflows here.


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